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Clifford Wendy Odigé, better known by his stage name Cliowen, born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on June 4, 1989, is a songwriter, rapper, host, and CEO of the label Prototype Entertainment.

Apart from this busy artistic career, he is a math tutor and a graduate in computer science.

At a younger age, his crush for disc jockeying attracted him to the artistic world. However, acquiring the necessary equipment was a burden (cost-related) and this would slow him down. He was searching for ways, trying new things, and without regret he turned to Rap music, especially Rap Kreyol, which was in full expansion at the time. He had the talent and quickly understood that this way of self-expression, sharing, was well suited to his personality, and especially to his way of conceiving art.

He did not spare himself nor procrastinate, and began to do hardcore rap. The originality, musicality of his rhymes, his punchlines more than punchy quickly earned him the nickname Lyric Prototype and his talent would soon be confirmed by successful titles such as: <Se CLIOWEN Pou Koute> and <Mwen Gen Mopyon> that both went mainstream for a long time. This success marked the beginning of a musical adventure in which he would run headlong but not alone; he is supported in all these projects by his manager, mentor and relative B.O.B.

His budding celebrity faded suddenly, at least in Haiti, in 2014 when he moved to the U.S to live with his family in Queens, New York.

His relocation to the States did not affect his relationship with rap and it is without discretion that he plunged in the artistic lifestyle under the labels T.O.G Records and Prototype Entertainment, where he released his tube <Gadon Chalè> whose success enabled him to obtain the approval of a new audience, and then Diasporap, his first mixtape, which is an invitation to all rappers evolving abroad to come forward and assert their particularity.

Indeed, he had great ambitions for this mixtape; through this work it was a whole movement that he wished to launch. Through his outspoken style, by exploring the realities which revolve around the status of "Diasporap," he tried to present his "new life" through the prism of two languages; in pleasant or disturbing turns, everything is said with a good balance, pure Cliowen.

In 2017, Cliowen received the champion award for Best Up North MC at the HMI Music Awards, and his mixtape Diasporap was nominated among the best of the year.

In January 2018, he hosted a rap program alongside Thug U$: <Rap Kreyol Take Over> at Radio Atistik FM in Brooklyn.

The same year, he went on a short tour in Haiti and took the opportunity to shoot the video for the track "Hola Men Clio," through which he showed the warm welcome reserved for those in the Diaspora community who returned home. That video was shot as Cliowen got back to Haiti for the first time since he left Haiti in 2014, and he explained that it was an exciting experience, from shooting as he was coming out the airport, welcomed by his peeps, his clicks and longtime friends, moving around in the city and paying respect and showing love to some well-known ghettos of the country such as Bel-air, Martissant and Solino.

In 2018, his Prototype Entertainment label expanded by welcoming DJ Nal (one of Haiti's top DJs). The collaboration with DJ Nal brought greater visibility to the label and allowed Cliowen to seal some deals by traveling and performing in Mexico, Chile, and Brazil.

Prototype Entertainment is now a large family that brings together talented beatmakers such as: VolttaOne, Dice, JDKey, Chevens, Dedystyl, and MrBens (a famous video maker and producer). It is a space where talents are born and confirmed. The label has already produced Grebino, a Haitian rapper who made his debut with Cliowen since Haiti; Machal, a young Haitian rapper from Chile; and A-One Lifah, who lives in New York and performs with Cliowen as his hype man.

Prototype Entertainment also invests in sport and has a basketball team that plays in the second division in Haiti. For some time now, Prototype Entertainment has been working on developing its new clothing brand, T-shirts and caps with the brand's logo. The items are available and can be purchased. In 2020, Cliowen is preparing his first album: Diasporap Volume 2 and is also working hard on expanding the label.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the album may take just a bit longer than expected to come out, but Cliowen is determined to offer the album to his fans and expose a whole new facet of his artistic skills.