Cliowen & New York City

Unique Hip-Hop Tracks

For Cliowen, every new piece of music is a chance to redefine how audiences think about hip-hop tracks in New York. Starting from a podcast he ran in high school and moving on to professional-level home recording, he helps a thriving rap scene push the boundaries of the form and reach new audiences. Made for all people, his music is your next big discovery in entertainment.

Electrifying Live Performances

Cliowen doesn't just work out of his home studio. He's also a fixture in the social scene, bringing fresh energy and stories to events all over the city. When you want to thrill audiences, but still maintain the human connection that makes the most exciting events feel personal, he's the guest you can count on to deliver. His cultural diversity, passion, and popular social media presence make him a stand-out among live entertainment artists and a magnet for local crowds.

Cliowen Attending an Event

Cliowen's Disasporap Volume 1

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